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Kitchen discos

Since 2002

About Us

Chris and Helen Lavender were always happiest in the Alps. The endless views that morph with the seasons; the alpine sports that could keep them happy for a hundred lifetimes. They found so much to love in the mountains, that in the summer of 2002 they moved from the UK and opened their first business. Eighteen years, two children and many new kitchens later, Berchen was born.

Today, our team is proud to deliver an experience like no other in France. Our environmentally kind kitchens are thoughtfully designed, expertly crafted and delivered with pride (and a cheeky smile).

Our Values
  • We tell the truth about our products and services, and how we do business. If things don’t go to plan, we own up and put them right.

  • From our product designs to our internal processes, we’ll never stop challenging ourselves to surpass our best.

  • From the way we treat our employees to the materials we use for our products, we consider the impact of everything we do.

  • We blur the boundaries between work and play. We create a fun, flexible working culture, collaborate with exciting brands and hold colourful events throughout the year.

  • Modern life moves fast, and so must we. We’re adaptable to new ideas, changing market conditions and different ways of working.

Our sustainability journey

It’s no secret that our planet is in trouble, and as its guardians it’s our duty to help. We're not perfect, but we’re on a journey towards sustainability.